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Why List With Us?

  • We are the King's Gate Club real estate company, a solely-owned subsidiary of King's Gate Club.  We only list and sell properties located in King's Gate Club.                      

  • King's Gate Realty charges less than typical commissions for sales it makes. When you list with us, you save substantial money on commissions.  Based on the average price a home sells for in King's Gate Club, this means more in your bank account!                                       

  • In King's Gate, we show you the listing price, both on our literature and on our website. No guesswork or games, just the information your potential buyer needs to say the magic words:  Sold!

  • King's Gate Realty returns all profits to the benefit of King's Gate Club.  This reduces maintenance fees for all King's Gate Club residents.  No other realty company does this.  Over half a million dollars have been returned to King's Gate Club since inception!                                                     

  • Our sales agents are year-round residents of King's Gate Club.  No one knows KGC better than we do!

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